Using Template Links

"Template Links" allows any records-based application to link intelligently with any external files or web-based resources, looking things up using some identifier or search term.

For example, record MXG12345 within HBSMR could use Template Links to open the webpage within the Heritage Gateway for this record.

Similarly, a record for "Tower Bridge" in HBSMR could use Template Links to open a Google images search for "Tower Bridge".

Template Links can be implemented in a variety of ways within an application, but typically within a record details form any configured Template Links will be presented as a descriptive name (e.g. "Heritage Gateway") and a hyperlink that can be clicked to open in a browser, either within the application or separately. This should open information relevant to the current record.

There may be additional tools/buttons for "probing" or testing each link before opening it in a browser, including the ability to show a count of how many items are found in the remote system, and even fetching remote data for use within the application. These details depend on which main Exegesis application is in use, and how it has been configured.

For details of how to configure Template Links, please refer to the relevant Admin pages.

Modified 13/11/2019
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