Entering metadata

The following types of metadata can be entered:

  • Annotation: This field can hold long descriptions of image or document contents. You can record annotation against each file separately (see box next to the thumbnail) or simultaneously for multiple files by selecting them and then clicking the “Annotate” button in the toolbar. This opens up the “Annotate Thumbnails” dialogue. You may choose to replace, append or leave unchanged any annotations that already exist for files.
    Annotate dialogue
  • Keywords: To add a keyword to a single file, right-click with your mouse into the keywords field (located right next to the annotation field) and choose “Assign Keyword…” from the context menu. This will open up a dialogue where you can either select an existing keyword from the drop-down list or enter a new one (Figure 15). You may also add a keyword to multiple files simultaneously: Select the files and then use the “Assign Keyword(s)” button from the toolbar to bring up the keyword entry dialogue. To remove keywords, select the keyword of a file and the right-click on it with your mouse and choose “Remove Selected” from the context menu.
    Assign keywords dialogue
  • User Fields: LibraryLink is shipped with a number of pre-defined user fields. Your administrator may add or remove fields if required. To add user field metadata to a single or multiple files, select them and then click the “Assign User Fields” button on the toolbar. This opens a dialogue where you can either choose existing values for each field or enter new ones

    Assign user fields

This information applies to version 4.0.23 and later.

  • User Fields: LibraryLinkv4 is shipped with a number of new pre-defined user fields. As with previous versions of LibraryLink, it is possible to add/edit/remove user fields.


Modified 10/05/2018
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