Quick Upload

The Quick Upload tool allows you to add files directly to the LibraryLink catalogue and to move or copy them to a specified folder.   The tool allows you to upload and catalogue files directly from a digital camera.  A target folder for the uploaded images must have been previously  configured (see Upload Configuration in the Admin Guide).  This tool is only available for LibraryLink Editor licences.

When you use the tool you are asked to choose the files you wish to upload.  Navigate to your temporary storage location (e.g digital camera connected to your computer) and select those files you wish to upload.  Press OK and the images will be uploaded to the target folder and added to the LibraryLink catalogue.  When the upload is complete a dialogue is opened giving statistics of the upload.  You can choose to retain or delete the originals of the files that have been successfully uploaded.

ThumbsPlus will then open allowing you to move the catalogued files to a final location and to add any metadata.

Modified 09/05/2014
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