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Images and documents must be catalogued before they can be linked to database or GIS records. This may be carried out using ThumbsPlus or by the Quick Upload utility.  You can start ThumbsPlus if you are licensed as a LibraryLink Editor by clicking the “Start ThumbsPlus” button on the LibraryLink toolbar or by activating the main menu option “Edit ► Start ThumbsPlus”.

The ThumbsPlus user interface is divided into three main sections

  • Location (top left): Displays a drive and folder tree just like Windows Explorer. Use this to navigate to locations containing images and documents that you would like to catalogue in LibraryLink.
  • Info Tabs (bottom left): Three options are available here; “Tasks” shows current processes that ThumbsPlus is working on, “Preview” can be used to instantly see the content of a file, even if it has not been catalogued, and most importantly “Info” which provides a good overview about all available metadata of the last selected file.
  • Details (right): Like in Windows Explorer, the right side of the window shows the contents of the currently selected folder. This includes a thumbnail for catalogued files and may also show their annotation and keywords.


These options are available from the ThumbsPlus toolbar by default (buttons may have been customised in your setup):

Control Name Keyboard Shortcut Description
Make Selected F3 Add the selected files to your LibraryLink Catalogue
Scan Folder Shift+Alt+F3 Adds all files in the currently active folder to your LibraryLink Catalogue
Scan Tree Ctrl+Shift+F3 Adds all files in the currently active folder and any of its subfolders to your LibraryLink Catalogue
Refresh Tree Ctrl+F5 Forces ThumbsPlus to refresh the Location tree. Use this specifically to refresh the Galleries area to view a list of files which are linked to the currently active LibraryLink record
folder navigation Return to Last Folder
Forward to Next Folder



Navigate between the folders you have visited
View Enter View the file in the ThumbsPlus Viewer. For images this can be used to adjust image properties such as quality and size
Properties Properties Alt+Enter

Opens a dialogue showing the full details of the currently selected file

Find by query Find By Query Ctrl+F Use this to search your ThumbsPlus catalogue for specific entries
Run editor Run Editor Shift+Enter Open the currently selected file in the default editing application
Annotate Annotate Ctrl+E Displays the Annotation dialogue. Use this also to add annotation to multiple files at the same time
Assign user fields Assign User Fields Ctrl+U Displays the User Field dialogue. Use this to add metadata to single or multiple selected files
Assign keywords Assign Keywords Ctrl+K

Opens the Keywords dialogue for the currently selected files

Rotate thumbnail Thumbnail 90° CW
Thumbnail 90° CCW



Use this to rotate the currently selected thumbnail
Print Print Ctrl+P

Initiates the printing dialogue for the currently selected files


Modified 22/09/2016
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