Slide Show

You can select multiple thumbnails in the "LibraryLink Linked Files" pane and view them as a slide show.  Slideshows  are displayed full screen and you can chose to show images at their original sizes or scaled to fit the screen.  To stop the slideshow use the Esc button or the option on the right click menu.

Only image files are displayed in the slideshow.

The right click menu allows some control over the performance of the slide show:

  • Play - resumes the slideshow if it has been paused
  • Pause - pauses the slideshow
  • Next - when the slideshow is paused moves to the next image
  • Previous - when the slideshow is paused moves to the previous image
  • Fast - images are displayed for two seconds
  • Medium - images are displayed for three seconds
  • Slow - images are displayed for four seconds
  • Loop - if selected the slideshow loops continuously through the images
  • Exit Slideshow - returns to LibraryLink
Modified 10/07/2014
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