Viewing and Manipulating Files

ThumbsPlus offers a powerful image and document viewer which can be started by double-clicking any file.

ThumbsPlus image viewer

The ThumbsPlus image viewer toolbar is always hidden when the viewer is started.  To display it press “T” on your keyboard or activate the menu option “View ► Toolbar”.

This is a list of the most useful options for manipulating image files:

Control Name Keyboard Shortcut Description
Save image Save
Save As
Save current image
Save current image as a new file
Undo / Redo Undo
Undo last change
Redo last Undo
Histogram Histogram M Adjust image histogram
Adjust colours Adjust Colors C Adjust image colours
Image stamp Image Stamp A Add text or picture stamp to image
Resize image Resize R Change size of image
Rotate image Turn 90° CCW
Turn 90° CW
Rotate image 90 degrees anticlockwise
Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
Loupe Loupe Q Activate loupe to investigate image in detail
View full screen Full Screen F5 Show image full screen
View at original size Original (1:1) Shift+Alt+Z Display image at its original size
Zoom image Zoom In
Zoom Out
Enlarge image
Zoom out of image
Fit image Fit All
Fit Width
Size image to fit viewer window
Size image to fit width of viewer window
Scroll image Previous File
Next File
View previous file in the same folder
View next file in the same folder
Image properties Properties Alt+Enter View detailed file metadata of image


Modified 07/10/2017
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