Viewing Source Files

To view the original source files of an image or document double-click on the thumbnail or right-click on it and choose an option from the pop-up menu:

  • Open opens the file in the LibaryLink viewer if it is an image file or in the default application assigned by Windows for other file types.
  • Open with.. allows you to choose the application you wish to use to view the file.
  • Open in Default Application uses the default application assigned by Windows.

All common image formats are automatically detected by LibraryLink and the LibraryLink Image Viewer is opened to display the files. For unrecognised image formats and for documents the default application assigned to them by Windows is launched to display the files. If you would like to open recognised image formats in their default application instead of showing them in the LibraryLink Image Viewer, right-click on them and choose “Open in Default Application”.

Modified 23/10/2013
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