LibraryLink Roadmap

This section explains our vision for LibraryLink and the LibraryLink Web Service, including possible and definite future development items.



We are frequently asked whether we can integrate LibraryLink with various 3rd-party document (and digital asset) management systems. We believe successful integration can be achieved with virtually any 3rd-party system using the LibraryLink "Template Links" functionality, so long as the 3rd-party application can be viewed/accessed in a browser. We can provide consultancy to achieve this integration.

Web page cataloguing. We hope to include functionality into LibraryLink to catalogue web pages. Just like a local image or document, the web page would appear as a thumbnail with metadata allowing it to be linked to business records and found by searching. There will be functionality for checking the catalogue of web pages to identify broken records (e.g. where a web page has moved), and to update thumbnail images when page content changes.

Enhanced GIS integration. LibraryLink v3.* allows images and documents to be access directly from the map where they have been linked to map features associated with database records in the main business application (e.g. HBSMR Monument records, CMSi Sites, etc). In future we aim to allow geo-tagged digital assets to be discovered directly in the map (without necessary being linked to a database record), and for georeferenced images to be loaded easily into the map.


LibraryLink Web Service

The LibraryLink Web Service is currently a SOAP service. We will implement a REST service for the next upgrade.

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