LibraryLink Change Log

This page provides details of the significant changes in each release of LibraryLink.


4.4.9 released 24/04/2023

#222 Resolve GhostScript vulnerability by removing earlier version that was shipped by Thumbs Plus(9.02), and included a more recent version (9.26).

#221 Upgraded to use .NET 4.8 (which becomes a pre-requisite).


4.4.3 released 16/03/2022

#219 Put focus on the Close button (instead of in the data content) after clicking "..." button on File Information, to avoid making it look like you can use this form to edit.

#208 and #210 Improved behaviour and added two new configuration options to control the behaviour of "Quick Upload" functions: QuickUploadVolumeId and MatchVolumeUsingNetName.



4.4.2 released 01/10/2021

#217 enabled clipboard copying of selected rows from the cleaning tool check results.

#216 fixed issues that could cause the cleaning tool to fail.

#214 fixed layout issue preventing cancellation of file import tool.

#211 enabled automatic import of files to database.


v4.3.14 (BETA) & v4.3.16 & v4.3.17 & v4.3.18

4.3.14 released 14 October 2020; 4.3.16 released 10/03/2021, 4.3.17 released 24/03/2021, 4.3.18 released 14/05/2021

Items in bold are significant new features of interest.

#215 (4.3.18 only) fixed bug that could prevent saving changes in "user fields" in ThumbsPlus.

#212 (4.3.17 only) fixed error on start-up with empty database.

#209 (4.3.16 only) resolved a problem in selecting multiple thumbnails with SHIFT+CLICK.

#205 stopped LibraryLink warning "Viewer" users about missing folders.

#203 resolved issue where the cleaning tool failed to clean duplicate thumbs when any of the filename, annotation, or user fields contains apostrophes.

#199 added configuration setting to allow bypassing initial database checks on start-up, as these were failing in some scenarios for unknown reasons.

#198 modified Month / Year grouping to sort by Date descending.

#197 resolved issue where thumbnails of >256x256 could cause an error in LibraryLink.

#196 fixed bug in the LibraryLink file uploader that caused the saving of user fields to fail when an image had an Orientation value in its EXIF metadata.

#195 improvements to logging and documentation of how to configure logging.

#194 resolved bug where the grouping/sorting button could appear in the wrong place on high resolution monitors.

#193 altered LibraryLink image uploader's auto-rotation behaviour to match ThumbsPlus (so it auto-rotates the thumbnail according to the embedded Orientation value, so the thumbnail should look correct, and it auto-rotates the original when displaying it in the viewer, but does not alter the original image automatically).

#191 ensured un-linking files works when LibraryLink is opened for multiple records (intermittent bug).

#180 general cosmetic improvements.

#178 when showing linked images for multiple records, removed unnecessary refreshes of panels on navigating between the collections.

#176 better display of long folder paths in the folder tree (excluding leading folders that do not contain anything).

#175 image viewer now has navigation (next / previous) and shows image metadata.

#174 allow a Template Links Fetch to transform the results using XSLT for presentation in a browser (or other purposes).

#148 improvements to opening experience.

#88 improvements to catalogue cleaning utility.

#31 improved the XML exporter to allow it to operate on the entire database, selected record(s), or selected thumbnails.

#27 new 'Show Child folders' option in folder tree view (a feature requested in February 2008!).

#10 slideshow tool now operates on the linked images, regardless of selections.



Released 25th January 2019

  • New method of editing UserFields and Annotation fields in LibraryLink and through API
  • Improvements to database migration tool
  • #146 Fixed issue where form sizing and position was not remembered when opened for multiple records.



Released 28th November 2018

  • Remove .NET installer from LibraryLink installer
  • Improvements to installer, logging and various bug fixes



Released 6th September 2018

Major changes:

  • Upgrade to .Net 4
  • All catalogue databases now in SQL Server
  • Catalogue migration and cleaning utilities to support transition from TD4 to SQL Server
  • New method of fetching data from remote APIs via Template Links
  • Simpler workflows supported: cataloguing files without opening ThumbsPlus
  • Custom ranking and sorting of linked thumbnails
  • Added ability to resize displayed thumbnails
  • Viewing and linking from/to multiple database records
  • Improved GIS integration - a new map layer for geotagged media
  • Ability to see history of media linking and unlinking operations


Version 3.2 / 3.5

3.2 (in development) - may be released as 3.5

As version 3.1 plus full SharePoint support. 3.2 has been in beta development with a client.

This development has been terminated. Integration with SharePoint and other 3rd party Digital Asset Management Systems will be achieved using Template Links.

Version 3.1.9 released August 2016

[31462] Improvements to installer, including:

  • Now installs shared config successfully to network drives, and aborts/logs if it cannot (previous version could hang).
  • Corrected path to the templatelinks xml config file (was missing a "\").
  • Now correctly detects location of correct Program Files from environment variable instead of defaulting to \Program Files (86)\. released May 2016

[21937] Added the ability to catalogue and link a document in its present location to the LibraryLink API.

[21970] Fixed "XML Export" functionality (described here). 

[22592] Created a new scriptable installer for LibraryLink, permitting silent packaged installations.

[23004] Improved diagnostic error reporting in the TemplateLinksCount API method.

[23982] Improved installation process to avoid having to rekey ThumbsPlus registration information on every PC.

[29014] Improved application metadata in list of installed programs.

[29750] Fixed issue where selecting two adjacent thumbnails and linking them also linked the following thumbnail.

[29753] Updated exeGesIS branding.

[29920] Added a print function to the LibraryLink image viewer.

[30060] Removed the ability to store links in a separate database, and removed the configuration controls for this, as it was never used in practice and added complexity.

[30074] Resolved issue with changing the Quick Upload folder.

Modified 04/08/2016 by Crispin Flower

Versions 3.1.8 and earlier (released 21-Apr-14)

[20115] Added more error logging functionality.

[20056] Mechanism of publishing files to web-facing database.

[19688] Developer Kit: "Probe" method added for Template Links, to permit display of counts of related resources, and validation of the links.

[19624] Developer Kit: new API method for quick upload and link, for cataloguing files from other applications.

[18971] Added context sensitive help links to the documentation web site.

[18037] Added Sorting and Grouping of linked images by containing folder, file date (with various granularities), file type and file name.

[17796] Archive/history table added to record changes to links through time with "who" and "when" information.

[17421] Improvements to slide show function.

3.0.5 (released 14-Aug-13)

Can be installed for either .NET 3.5 or .NET 4 applications.

Automatically fixes the structure of the xgImageLink table.

3.0.4 (released 23-May-13)


3.0.3 (released 18-Feb-13)

This version is same as 3.0.2 but will automatically check database structure and add the extra v3 fields if it can (or warn and close). The installer has been fixed to work correctly with CMSi.

3.0.2 (beta release 06-Feb-13)

SharePoint integration added, allowing the use of SharePoint instead of or as well as ThumbsPlus for storing and managing the digital resources.

Template Links functionality added. This is a new mechanism for linking records with any application that takes IDs and data values as parameters (generally as URLs).

[18247] Added error logging capabilities using NLog.

[17795] Added configuration options to allow the xgImageLink table to be stored in any Access or SQL Server database.

[17533] Added ability for the record description to be passed in from the calling application.

[16759] Added a read-only setting to the API methods so that a user's editing rights can be controlled from the calling application.

[12241] Fixed the behaviour of the Image Viewer to prevent magnifying small images by default.

[11931] Fixed bug where an edit was incorrectly logged in the HBSMR Audit Trail after viewing resources in LibraryLink without editing any links.

[11610] Added a new API method for copying links from one record to another.

[11127] Enhanced the slide show with navigation buttons.

[8239] Added option to display record links as keywords in ThumbsPlus, so users can see the links when working in ThumbsPlus.

2.5.3 (released 22-Jan-2013)

[18772] Fixed error that caused duplicate catalogue tree entries when thumbnails are scanned at the root of a volume.

2.5.2 (released 23-Feb-2012)

Ensured uniqueness of volumes and paths when using UNC paths.

Allow use of read-only source locations for quick upload.

Fix an issue when using SQL Server for the ThumbsPlus catalogue.

Fixed a crash when using UNC paths (query to database did not quote the path string).

2.5.0 (released 15-Jul-2011)

Quick upload.

Slide show.

[11931] Fixed bug where LibraryLink incorrectly reported that an edit had been made to links.

[11610] New API method for copying links from one record to another.

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